Pilot’s Logbook Privacy Policy

§ Scope

Pilot’s Logbook is an Android app developed by Celdy Technology s.r.o. in Prague, Czech Republic. We take privacy very seriously and collect no data from our users.
Pilot’s Logbook stores data only in mobile phone/tablet. Only when user opt for a data synchronization, the data are synchronized with website www.pilots-toolbox.com.

§ Synchronization with www.pilots-toolbox.com

Synchronization is done by secured https protocol.
When users login from device then it gets authorization token so username and pasword are not stored in device. The token has limited lifetime and therefore new login might be requested.
There are synchronized only data entered by user – Flight records, Documents and their expiration, Initial valuse, Options.
No other data are stored or used.

§ Data we collect

None. We collect no data from our users. The only data we receive from you, is through support requests sent to us by email or other support channels. All such data will be treated strictly confidential.

§ Third party libraries used

In the free Pilot’s Logbook version we work with Google to show advertisement, please see Google’s privacy policy on advertisement for details.
To configure your Google ad experience, please visit Google ad preferences.